EYFS Statement of Intent

‘You are the light of the world’

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we aim to nurture all pupils in creating a curriculum that encourages children to become independent, resilient learners. Our core values, particularly Respect, Courage and Wisdom, will be used to encourage children to follow their own interests, make friends, develop self-confidence and to develop self-esteem. The curriculum is designed to progressively develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of our ever-changing diverse world. We aim to nurture the children’s natural curiosity, love of learning and that life is fun!

By the end of Reception, and in preparation for Key Stages 1, our curriculum for EYFS aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • are equipped to be ready for learning, being confident communicators with competent listening and attention skills
  • develop independence to match their physical ability to keep themselves and others safe.
  • are equipped to create positive and respectful relationships with others and the environment
  • develop a love for reading with phonic and comprehension skills matched to their developmental stage
  • become capable mathematicians with reasoning and problem solving skills
  • become inquisitive learners, developing their understanding of the world around them, embracing challenges and thinking critically.
  • Become imaginative and creative learners who have the self-confidence to express their ideas

We believe that through these opportunities children can become confident, life-long learners who will shine in the world.